Monday, March 31, 2014

SalvageData Recovery: Best Choice to Salvage All Important Data from Your Bad Hard Disk

One of the leading companies that you can ever think of for critical data recovery of files, folders and documents from a bad hard disk is SalvageData recovery service. The company is the best in the business all across the country and offers customized and personalized service to their clients like no other service can offer. If you have files that are totally inaccessible or have been corrupted, then you need to just call SalvageData recovery service to rectify your problem. No matter, you are an individual consumer or run a non-profit organization or big corporate or a medium sized business, all  your data recovery problems will be taken care by this company in a jiffy as they have a track record of solving about 90% of their client’s data recovery problems. 

I would say that the company is pretty much focused on offering quick, most reliable and secure data recovery services for all the clients, no matter how big or small he or she is. The company has top leading and professional data recovery specialists that offer the highest level of service for their clients at all times. Some of the custom and personalized data recovery services offered by SalvageData recovery service are: remote recovery services for their clients; on site recovery services for businesses; data loss due to user error, mechanical error or natural disaster and rectification and data recovery from all storage devices, all media and operating systems. The best part about the SalvageData recovery service that I like the most and have used is that the full library of DIY data recovery tools and software. 

The SalvageData recovery service company is also the only company in North America to have received the ISO certification for their data recovery service lab which makes them the pioneer in this service. They have offices spread all across the United States to take care of data recovery problems. This ensures that customers can enjoy quick turnaround from the company and most of their data recovery problems are resolved in a mater of days. The superior customer service is one of the USP’s of the company. First time users of this service can submit their case online or drop into any of the service offices across the country to enjoy free evaluation of their data loss problems. The company also offers 24-48 hours emergency service options for their clients who are in dire need of the lost data.  

There are also many pluses to SalvageData recovery service. The company offers certified clean rooms, GSA certified and SOC secure data recovery services and also carries an A+ BBB rating. You get more than the standard and general data recovery service offered by other services and SalvageData’s awards, recognitions, ratings and accreditations speaks volumes about the company. The flexible service options, multiple location services, manufacturer approval, highest security standards and personalized custom services put SalvageData recovery service as the top moist company in the country when it comes to data recovery from any kind of storage device.